Have You Met… Matt

Matt has recently joined the Universal Live family as a Project Manager. His career in the live events industry began at his local theatre in Scarborough, where he volunteered as a crew member. It was here that he decided that this was the career for him, going on to study Theatre and Performance Technology at university.


Shortly after graduating from LIPA, Matt took up the post as the Senior Technician at the ACC Liverpool, supporting a wide range of events throughout the multiple venues at the ACC. After five years at the ACC, Matt decided it was time to spread his wings and enter the world of freelancing going back to his theatre roots as an Associate Sound Director, touring the UK with productions such as Avenue Q and Legally Blond.


Most recently Matt has found a new passion for video as well as sound following his experience in the Expo world, working on events including the Paris and Farnborough Airshows. He’s very passionate about his work and feels lucky to be working in an industry which enables him to see the world and couldn’t wait to start his new challenge at Universal Live helping our clients deliver memorable events.


So without further ado let’s get to know Matt a bit more…


What are you looking forward to the most in your new role?


“Getting back to an event with a real audience. Looking forward to the challenge and making relationships with our clients to deliver some great shows.”


 Tell us your biggest bugbear/ pet hate?


“Middle lane joggers on the motorway.”


What is your favourite colour?




Why did you choose a career in the technical world of the live event industry?


“I kind of fell into it after a recommendation to volunteer at the YMCA theatre when I was 15. Loved it and got hooked on playing with fancy toys pretty quickly.”


Who inspires you most and why?


“Graham, The Theatre Manager at the YMCA Theatre in Scarborough. He takes pride in nurturing new talent in the technical theatre industry with the very little resources the charity has.”


If you were given £1 million what would you do with it?


“First thing would be a big party followed by a new car probably. The sensible side of me says to invest a bit for a rainy day though.”


What was/ is your favourite childhood sweet?


“Cola Cubes”


If you were stuck on a desert island what three items would you want with you?


“A decent speaker, something to play music and a generator to power it.”


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