Podcast: Interactive Event Technology


Our Commercial Manager, Neil Clappison talks all things interactive in this podcast with journalist, James Dixon from Event Industry News.


Neil discusses how interactivity at an event is an excellent method for drawing people in as it is often new to a lot of people, and can look great. Also, touching on the production process for an event that requires this interactivity is not dissimilar to that of planning an event without interactive content.


Interactivity is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ – it can be easily scaled down or up depending on the size of an event. Interactive projections can be projected onto the floor if there is not a suitable wall available, showing that production is not confined to rigid rules.


There are many the benefits of having a “digital bolt-on” like interactivity at an event, but there is little point in having it for the sake of it. It is much more advantageous to have interactive content that coincides with or delivers a message to make it much more relevant and engaging.


Contact Neil on 01274 200292 or email neil.clappision@universal-live.ltd for more information or to discuss an event that you are organising that would befit from adding an interactive event technology element.



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