Have You Met… Jaymie?

Venue Account Manager, Jaymie joined our team five and a half years ago as an AV Manager at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth. He has worked up his way up the ranks taking on his most recent role with us in 2017. His career kicked off at a Nottingham based AV company where he worked as an AV Technician for six years, before moving into a more senior role with another UK company. He worked there for seven years before heading out to Abu Dhabi, where he was the Venue Project Manager at the St. Regis Hotel.

Around here Jaymie has acquired the nickname Basil Fawlty it all started as a bit of a joke but, the name has stuck, and now he embraces his inner Basil. Don’t believe us, here’s the proof…


Jaymie or Basil?


Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?


Dave Grohl, from the Foo Fighters. Just so I could have the talent to be able to play multiple instruments and also to be able to sing, this isn’t a talent I’m blessed with.


What’s the best part of your job?


The variety of different tasks each day, travelling to different places and managing my own time and workload. I get a sense of achievement overcoming problems with solutions and keeping everything running smoothly.


How do you like your tea?

To be a black coffee, first thing in the morning.


What’s your proudest professional achievement so far?


Working my way up to my current position as an Account Manager and working for a company that has a great team of people.


Why did you choose a career in the live events industry?


I decided to progress my career in the AV industry, after securing a job assisting a local AV company one day a week, on my day off from Art & Design college in Nottingham. It was by chance that I saw a full-time position with Quadrant, following the completion of my college course, so, I decided to go into the industry full time as an AV Technician.

The things I enjoy most about working in the industry is the variety of work on a day to day basis. You get to travel to different places and get to play around and gain new knowledge of the equipment we use. I think from my early days in the industry; I soon realised there was a great sense of achievement from working on the shows, seeing in the rig and de-rig, running the live part and of course seeing a happy client at the end.


What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


Got to be Lemon.


What is the most random request that you have had from a client?


Probably many over the years, but I always get asked where things are, when I pop into shops when dressed in our work uniform,  these range from DIY outlets to clothes shops. It must mean our Universal Live uniform really is universal to work in any retailer.


Account Manager, Jaymie Mills

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