New Kit, New Kit!

We are very excited to announce that we have taken delivery of our most recent investment Coleder Road Ready 2mm LED screen panels.


Our new kit purchase allows us to create flat, concave and convex displays, giving us more creative options for our ground stacked and hung LED wall solutions. Connecting the panels is made easier by the Coleder’s patented connection tool. This system is a cable-free connection which makes it quicker to assemble and disassemble.


We decided to combine the Coleder panels with Brompton Technology’s innovative Tessera R2 cards. The cards support 262K pixel capacity, system-wide genlock, free mapping and panel rotations. We have also invested in their Tessera SX40, and S4 LED video processors. The 4K and HD ready units are reliable and powerful which will enhance the quality of each event delivery. Brompton Technology is a London based LED video processing specialists who have supported us throughout our journey to find the best LED solution that works for us, as well as providing our team with hands-on training sessions.


Many hours have been spent researching and testing the best LED technologies on the market to find the perfect solution for our clients, and we believe that Coleder’s Road Ready 2mm panels are just that. Following our decision Operations Director, Ben Phillips and Hire Manager, Stuart Thornton travelled to the Coleder factory in China to check each and every panel and pixel, 13,547,520 pixels to be precise (that is A LOT of pixels!) to ensure that the LED panels were ready for action.


 Coleder LED testing

In today’s world of LED offerings, there is such a great range to choose from. After testing more products than you would ever think is possible, we felt that the Road Ready Coleder panels combined with the Brompton Processing offered Universal the right mix of quality, functionality and reliability. This along with it’s easy to assemble construction and Brompton’s user-friendly interface we are excited for our team to push its limits and for us to be able to offer our clients a seamless and immersive experience when sharing their message with the world.”

Ben Phillips, Operations Director


Following the arrival of our new kit, we have been spending time programming, prepping, and training our team so that we are all event ready. The Coleder, Road Ready 2mm panels are available for dry hire and event solutions from now! For more information on this product and how you can incorporate it at your next event, email us here or call 0845 302 5470. Why not also download our infographic with full product specifications here.


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