Have You Met… Alex?

Alex Joined Universal Live in 2015 as the AV Manager at The Queens Hotel in Leeds after relocating 200 miles from his previous position as Senior Technician at Twickenham Stadium.

Earlier in 2017 Alex was appointed QHotels Operations Manager and moved into our Head Office in Bradford. So without further ado here is our 60 seconds with Alex.


Q1. What is your favourite colour?




Q2. Why did you choose a career in the technical world of the live event industry?


“From a young age I’ve been interested in tech, before deciding on my career I had a part time job with an independent hifi dealer that lead me to study SLLET at Derby Uni.”


Q3. Who inspires you most and why?


“My wife, her positivity and drive to do the best she can pushes me to challenge myself in life.”


Q4. What is your favourite part of your job?


“My favourite part of the job is seeing a large event with multiple elements coming together to create a great outcome for our clients.”


Q5. How do you like your eggs?


“In a cake!”


Q6. What is your top tip for anyone looking to join the technical events industry?


“Think again, only kidding, I’d say start with what interests you the most, if you’re a noiseboy or vidiot, you’ll be more enthusiastic learning about what you’re passionate about.”

So that is Alex. Stay tuned for our next edition of Have You Met…

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